Reading at Woodward

In 2019-20, The Rotary Clubs of Brookhaven and North Atlanta continued an initiative to help Pre-K and Kindergarten students at Woodward Elementary be "reading to learn" by 3rd grade. With the support of the Ferst Foundation, together we support this goal through book donations and reading monthly to Kindergarten and Pre-K classes at Woodward Elementary.

Throughout 2019- 2020, we donated more than 812 books to 203 students, read to up to 12 classes monthly and equipped parents with book specific multi-lingual reading guides to use at home. This project is helping students "learn to read" and learn to love to read, so that by the time they reach third grade they will be "ready to learn" through reading. Statistics show that 3rd grade is a pivotal time. Students at a 3rd grade level of reading by third grade are more likely to stay in school and become productive adults. Students not able to read on level by third grade often fall behind and are more likely to drop out.

BRC Member Jennifer reading

Reading @ Woodward