June 19 - Susan Ludwig

Susan M. Ludwig sees opportunity, and through sound strategic development, makes it a prosperous reality. She started her career over 30 years ago focused on the sustainable development of community and the environment. As CEO of Blue Form Group, Susan consults with a variety of commercial and residential clients in the development and implementation of best-practice planning models, progressive policy, and technical design/build assistance to foster sustainable development initiatives; facilitate partnerships; create vibrant communities; and preserve and enhance sense of place. Her professional portfolio contains an assortment of urban development projects varying in scale and urban context.

Susan holds an MBA from Georgia State University; Master of Landscape Architecture from the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University (concentration in sustainable urban design and development); and Bachelor of Science in Renewable and Sustainable Resource Management from the University of Louisiana. She also serves on several local boards in her community, including the Friends of Tucker Parks. She comes to RCSM today to talk about the importance of using Georgia native plants in both public and private green spaces.

Posted by Jon Roxland
June 10, 2019


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