​Social Media Update

Social Media Update:

Mark Galvin and Tony Shaffer share posts on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages frequently. If you would like to add great content to our feeds, send the content to Mark or Tony and they will gladly post them for you.

These posts are a great way to reach our friends and colleagues. Our mission is to build our brand and attract new members. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Look for the posts and...

  • SHARE the posts on Facebook
  • LIKE the posts on LinkedIn (DON’T SHARE ON LINKEDIN...that does not help us)
To help with this, we will “tag” you in posts whenever possible. This will drop the posts in your notifications. That will be a great reminder to SHARE/Facebook and LIKE/LinkedIn.

Thanks in advance for helping us strengthen our digital brand! We need to let more people see that Rotary of Brookhaven is an #outstanding organization.

Posted by Tony Shaffer
December 11, 2019


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