​Jennifer Wright, founder and CEO of Execuwright

Jennifer Wright, founder and CEO of Execuwright has spent more than 20 years as a professional writer, project manager and process consultant. In her work with numerous companies and organizations including Verizon, Oracle, Equifax and in working directly with entrepreneurs and small businesses, she has become an expert at creating processes and simple systems that help people and teams get things done.

In her consulting and coaching practice she discovered that many entrepreneurs and professionals have so much information that they can teach others and lots of important stories to share.

Jennifer created the Write Your First Book program to create a simple system to help those aspiring authors to get their book started and get it finished. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals use their content to raise the profile of their career or their business and help them to establish themselves as experts in their fields.

Posted by Charles Shaffer
January 14, 2020


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