American Heart Association - Executive Leadership Breakfast

Please see below from Jordan Naliwajka, whom some of us have met when Patrick brought her to lunch.


I am with the American Heart Association and I wanted to share our upcoming Executive Leadership Breakfast with the Brookhaven Rotary Community, as this is a great leadership development opportunity. I have included the invitation and registration link below.

I hope you’ll join us for the 2nd Annual Executive Leadership Breakfast Series hosted by the American Heart Association. This year the event is being chaired by Shan Cooper, Executive Director, Atlanta Committee for Progress. She will sit down with Jeff Sprecher for a heart-to-heart as he shares insight and stories. Jeff is the Chairman and CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange, and Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

To register for this event please visit the registration link. Register here.

Please let me know how I can assist spreading the word for this unique opportunity!

Posted by Tony Shaffer
February 11, 2020


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