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I know that many of us have service top of mind when we think of Rotary. I think it's important to remember that Rotary is above all a membership organization. That is, we join Rotary and over time become members of a community. As such, we have a duty of care towards each other, and I appreciate the messages I have been receiving from Brookhaven Rotarians.

For obvious reasons, we will not meet on Wednesday, March 18.

More importantly, as a Rotary family, we are each other's strength and support. Members of our Rotary family may be in particularly difficult times right now due to services being suspended, school being cancelled, customers fading away, you name it.

I encourage each Brookhaven Rotarian, current and not-so-current, to reach out to your Rotary family if you are in need of anything from a quick cup of coffee to assistance with a major challenge. I am here for you, your new and long-time fellow Rotarians are with you, and you should reach out knowing that, as PDG Tom tells each newly-inducted member, "When asked, a Rotarian says 'yes'."

Each member of this club is in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by TONY Shaffer
March 13, 2020


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