3rd Annual Covenant House Job Fair

Our Club partners with Covenant House of Georgia to plan and host a career fair for the residents of Covenant House. Covenant House of Georgia is a homeless shelter and life-skills program to bring homeless teens off of the streets and onto a more positive, self-sufficient path for their lives. In past years we have been successful in identifying employers to attend including Coca Cola, Ritz-Carlton, Costco, Cunningham HVAC, Goodwill, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Hospitality, and First Step Staffing. Teen residents of Covenant House participated with enthusiasm! Partners donated men's suits for youth to have and prepare for job interviews. Participants received assistance with resume preparation and interview skills prior to the event. Brookhaven Rotary members donated professional clothing items to help the teens feel more polished and confident. We were also in attendance at the event to lend support, encouragement, and coaching. Employers in attendance commented that it was one of the best job fairs they had attended, adding that "participants were attentive and excited about the opportunities". Our goal is to repeat the success achieved at the Jobs Fair again this year and to make it an annual event.


Brookhaven Police Department Baseball Card For Community Relations

Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandura, member of Brookhaven Rotary, asked the Club for support of their community relations in sponsoring baseball cards for his team to pass out to youth in Brookhaven. He stated the project goes a long way in starting early to build positive relationship with youth and the kids love to collect cards from the officers and K-9 units they meet. Last year, BRC was able to collect funds to sponsor 15 officers and the project was considered a success. We want to repeat the project this year and collect funds to sponsor 5 new officers.


Clothing Drive for Salvation Army SALTED program

This project is to help clothe the truly homeless people (living under the bridge) who come to the Salvation Army facility on North Druid Hills Rd about twice per week for the SALTED program, which involves: a shower, laundry, toiletries, and other very basic services and items, but no lodging. What the program regularly needs, and often lacks, is clothing to stock its clothes closet. For the month of October 2017, we will have a clothes drive and collect those items which the Salvation Army specifies as most needed.


FODAC Equipment Delivery with N. Atlanta Club

Our Club will repeat this project again this year and hopes to repeat the success achieved in 2016. As to our success last year,On Saturday, July 30, 2016 we had a fantastic turn out for our community service project benefiting FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults and Children). Chris Brand, President and CEO of FODAC (and Stone Mountain Rotarian), expressed that we may have surpassed the monetary record for a single day collection! The estimated value of the collections for the day is $150,000.

All of this was possible because we were able to pick up several bulky and costly items such as hospital beds and motorized wheel chairs. In addition we picked up several manual wheel chairs, 3-in-1 seats, walkers, canes, and loads of unopened soft goods. Without each of our volunteers participating and providing their vehicles, trailers, trucks and muscle, this wouldn’t have been accomplished.

The concept here is that we helped by volunteering to pick up these items (no longer needed by one family) which in turn defrays costs for FODAC so they can then provide these items (newly refurbished) for free, to persons (in another family) who do need them. We helped extend every charitable dollar contributed to FODAC by providing our man, woman and kiddo power and resources for this project!


Georgia Rotary Exchange Program

Piriya Sureshkumar from Denmark accepted the offer to be our (with North Atlanta) GRSP student for 2017-2018 to attend Oglethorpe University.


Honoring Our First Responders

This is a continuation of a project begun by our Club 1n 2016. Brookhaven Rotary is honored to have Chief Gary Yandura of the Brookhaven Police Department as a member of our Club. We reached out to him to offer him and invitation to bring a guest, a member of his team, to our weekly meetings to say "thank you" and offer a great meal in appreciation for their service. We receive 2-3 guests monthly and it's been fun getting to know the various members of the police department during our weekly meetings.

We also partnered with Brookhaven Police Department to sponsor "baseball cards" for members of the department to pass out for community development and relationship building. The Rotary logo is on the back of each card and raises awareness about our Club. The officers use the cards in schools and kids like to collect them. The Police Dept. funding was cut for these and Chief Yandura thought it would be a great project for Rotary.


Hot Pursuit 5K run

On September 9, 2017 our club sponsored and participated in the Hot Pursuit 5K walk/run organized by the Brookhaven Police Department. The club, through its Foundation,


Lenox Mall Bell Ringing - Salvation Army

Our Club partners with the North Atlanta Rotary Club to volunteer for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing Campaign. Our two clubs will "staff" the full day (10am-8pm) for two locations at Lenox Mall on both Saturday, 12/9, and Saturday, 12/16. A total of 40 volunteers should be involved, including (hopefully) members from Chamblee HS Interact Club, the North Atlanta Roteract Club and the Oglethorpe Roteract Club. We hope to surpass the great success achieved with the North Atlanta Club in 2016.


Mentoring software for HavenATL

This project is to help HavenATL, the Salvation Army’s facility on Metropolitan Avenue in south Atlanta established to assist women caught up in human trafficking. See attachment below containing the Mission Statement for HavenATL. This project is to design and implement a new virtual mentoring program to help HavenATL graduates (women who have completed a series of classes and met certain goals at HavenATL) gain knowledge in leadership, job skills, career and personal development. Our Club proposes to finance this project with design and implementation done by Mentor City, a database designer selected by HavenATL. See attachment below containing a detailed description of the project prepared by HavenATL staff.


Reading at Woodward Elementary

In 2016 and years prior, The Rotary Clubs of Brookhaven, North Atlanta, South DeKalb, Dunwoody, and Decatur, joined in an initiative to help Pre-K and Kindergarten students at Woodward Elementary be "reading to learn" by 3rd grade. With the support of a Rotary District Grant and partnering with the Ferst Foundation, together we supported this goal through book donations and reading monthly to 10 Kindergarten and 3 Pre-K classes at Woodward Elementary. Throughout 2017, we donated more than 3,000 books to 248 students, read to 13 classes monthly and equipped parents with book specific multi-lingual reading guides to use at home. This project is helping students "learn to read" and learn to love to read, so that by the time they reach third grade they will be "ready to learn" through reading.Statistics show that 3rd grade is a pivotal time. Students at a 3rd grade level of reading by third grade are more likely to stay in school and become productive adults. Students not able to read at a third grade level by third grade often fall behind, are more likely to drop out and become at risk young individuals and ultimately more dependent on support from society. The reading program at Woodward Elementary is one of the collaborative programs coming together because of the awareness created by the "Get Georgia Reading" Campaign.While this project is now the subject of our club's pending Global Grant application for 2017-2018, we will pursue this as a club project in the event the application is not approved.


Salvation Army - Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Delivery

Anticipating continuing generous food donations from Costco, our Club plans to deliver carloads of food to our local Salvation Army for their Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals. The project involves around 12 volunteers (Rotarians and Family members) helping to load cars with goodies from Costco and delivering items to the Salvation Army on North Druid Hills on the eve of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


SAS Golf Tournament Support The SHARE PROGRAM at The Shepherd Center

The SHARE (Shaping Hope and Recovery Excellence) Military Initiative began in 2008 in order to provide a continuum of rehabilitation care for soldiers who have sustained a traumatic brain injury while serving the US on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. Since SHARE’s inception, the program has served over 200 individuals, from all service branches. The program typically treats 8-12 wounded warriors at a time.

Over time, the program has come to focus primarily on servicemen and women who have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries, considered by many to be the “signature injury” of the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts. Symptoms associated with this type of injury include deficiencies in physical functioning (balance and dizziness), behavioral functioning (irritability and emotional distress) and cognitive functioning (memory, attention and concentration).

The Rotary Club of Brookhaven, its members, event sponsors and golfers have contributed over $650,000 since 2009 to support Shepherd Center’s SHARE Military Initiative through an annual golf tournament.

SHARE began in 2008 to provide rehabilitation care for military service members who have sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and are living with Post-Traumatic Stress while serving during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Department of Defense, over 310,000 service members have been diagnosed with mild TBIs since 2000, and they are considered to be the “signature injury” of the wars.

The SHARE program capitalizes on the expertise that Shepherd Center developed for treating TBIs and insures our wounded warriors receive the proper care in a timely fashion to enable their re-entry into civilian or military life.

At this writing, our goal is to exceed $250,000 for the 2018 tournament.


USO - Greet the Troops at the Airport (Hartsfield)

As we have done in years past, at least 3 time during the year we will greet the returning and outbound troops headed to and from the Middle East. We will man the USO podium at the top of the escalator (from the arrival gates) to greet troops, direct them to the USO facility upstairs, and "staff" the USO kitchen to provide troops food, beverages, and a warm and appreciative greeting, and maybe someone to talk to. Our club provides Chick-fil-A biscuit, and lunch sandwiches. We will provide these services from 9:00 am until appx 4:00 pm.