January 16 - Tricia Molloy

I love to work with organizations that want their people to stop struggling with work-life balance and be happier, healthier and more productive.

Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company, a small business or a professional association, you’ll find my thought-provoking, motivating programs will inspire your people to develop a more positive mindset so they can reduce stress, improve their work-life balance, and achieve their priority goals faster and easier.

As a corporate leadership speaker, I present engaging, interactive conference keynotes and employee development talks and webinars for such organizations as Marriott, Kellogg, Georgia Power and the Network of Executive Women. I also facilitate transformational vision board workshops for high-potential employees at the CDC, Verizon and EY. While my message is gender-neutral, I specialize in empowering emerging women leaders. I'm also the author of “Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs."

My most popular programs are "CRAVE Your Goals!,” “Work-Life Balance Wisdom” and "Picture This!" vision board workshops. They are often part of an organization's employee development, women's leadership, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Organizations hire me to help their people:
► Be More Positive, Proactive and Productive
► Reduce Stress, Build Resiliency and Manage Time More Effectively
► Improve Work-Life Balance
► Develop Leadership Skills for Greater Impact

Posted by Jon Roxland
January 7, 2019


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