April 3 - Ed McBrayer

Ed became an avid cyclist while working for Martin Marietta in Denver and volunteered with the Greenway Foundation to help lay out the Platte River Greenway Trail through Englewood Colorado. Years later, after returning to Atlanta, he found no bike trails, bike lanes, or other safe places to ride.

In 1991, he and a few bike-riding friends founded the PATH Foundation, a non-profit agency dedicated to building safe and enjoyable places for walking and biking. Under Ed’s leadership, PATH has built over 260 miles of greenway trails throughout the region. In addition, PATH has also inspired many more miles of trails to be built in communities across the nation.

In 1991 Atlanta had no bike lanes, no trails, and very few places to walk or ride safely. By 2025 Atlanta will be the most trail-connected city in the U.S.

Posted by Jon Roxland
March 29, 2019


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