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The Bulletin

March 4, 2019

Club Calendar

March is Water and Sanitation Month

3/6 Stacey Ruth - Author, Speaker, & Consultant at Inside Out Marketing
3/13 Sean McCarthy; Founder of TEDS Foundation
3/20 Mr. Tim Crockett: "Veteran completes solo Atlantic row after nine weeks"
3/27 4th Wed.: No Meeting Scheduled

Our Rotary Family

3/3 Jonathan Byrd
3/11 Jared Sobelson
3/19 Bob Cunningham


3/8 John (Jack) Willis, III (33)
3/11 Gary Yandura (33)

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March 6 - Stacey Ruth

An acclaimed marketer, entrepreneur and award-winning author with two multi-million dollar agencies under her belt, Stacey Ruth has been acknowledged as among the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, and twice as one of the Top 100 IT Agencies by Experiential Marketer Magazine.

Her clients have included enterprise-scale organizations such as UPS, Siemens, Choice Hotels, Honda, Shaw and Overhead Door Corporation, to innovative startups.

Along her 25-year entrepreneurial journey Stacey has made nearly every business mistake possible – and grown remarkably as a result. She married her business partner and divorced him six years later, for even greater post-mess success. At one point she also was the victim of corporate identity theft, personally locating the thief, who was wanted in three states.

Her businesses have survived the fallout of 9/11 and deep recessions, teaching her how change is not a thing we manage, but a force that transforms individuals and organizations, even though we might feel like we are trying to fly during free fall.

As an impassioned leader herself, Stacey believes that without exception, everyone is a born leader. She serves in numerous organizations, where she is an advocate for the individual greatness of their respective members, including her roles as Director of Marketing for the National Speakers Association, Chair of Mentorship for the National Association of Women Business Owners, Director of Marketing for Conscious life Journal, and Board of Directors for the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta.

Stacey has a dual degree of a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Graphic Design, and a minor in language.She is a certified ROI professional, licensed spiritual practitioner and author of Truth and Dare: Inside Out Marketing. She is hard at work on her second book, Begin: 12 Forgotten Laws to Ignite Your Business.

Stacey currently lives in Roswell, GA with her husband, Barron, in their “treehouse.” Together they enjoy traveling the world looking for their next great adventure.

March 13 - Sean McCarthy

Sean is the Founder of TEDS Foundation and a holistic health coach. He has made it his mission to teach and empower others to manage and eliminate stress that is creating massive obstacles in their lives. Sean's approach is constantly evolving due to the variety of challenges that are presented to him in the foundations outreach efforts. 365 days a year Sean is engaged in giving someone an option when they felt or were told one did not exist.

March 20 - Tim Crockett

Tim a native of Hereford, England, joined the Royal Marine Commandos in 1990, after passing out he went on to join C Coy 40 Cdo. While only serving a short couple of years in 40 Cdo Tim was extremely busy between boxing for both the Corp and the Navy, winter deployments to Norway, a ski instructor’s course and Op Haven where he was deployed along with the rest of the unit. Tim joined the Special Boat Service in 1992 and saw service in a number of environments from the jungle to the Arctic, eventually leading a maritime counter-terrorist team specializing in anti-piracy and anti-smuggling initiatives.After deployments to the Balkans and Latin America, he became the senior instructor and assessor for the United Kingdom’s Special Forces selection course based in Hereford, England.

Tim moved into the private sector in 2001 to pursue a varied career providing security (to a number of private clients) in a number of areas, including; executive close protection, threat and vulnerability assessments, risk evaluation to projects and personnel, and the implementation of security management proceedures in West Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Latin America.

Tim is currently Vice President of Security for Healix International, a firm headquartered in Surrey, UK, but with global operations providing Travel Risk Management services, medical support and repatriation services, focused security risk, crisis management, travel safety services and training to companies seeking to keep their personnel safe both at home and abroad.

Prior to joining Healix, Tim was senior director of Global security operations for Turner Broadcasting Services a leader in global media and entertainment. Here Tim was responsible for the safety and security of all personnel, assets and facilities outside of Atlanta including the many CNN assignments into hostile environments.

For two years beginning in 2002, he worked within a CNN, training their personnel to operate in hostile environments and co-coordinating all of their field safety and security requirements before, during and after the last Gulf War. He attended the first U.S. Department of Defense media training course and made recommendations to the P.A.O (Public Affairs Office/officer) personnel at the Pentagon to better tailor the course to help prepare embedded journalists for the dangers of covering the war.

Tim has given presentations on safety and security training in a number of forums in the media, humanitarian (NGO) and energy sectors, including the Media Leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2005. Tim has appeared on a number of major news networks (CNN, CBC, Fox News) and has been quoted in several publications and the print media.

Tim remains an avid traveller, and the Crockett family, for the past 60-plus years and three generations, has been involved in the travel industry.So, as well as working alongside clients in hostile environments, Tim has a wealth of experience in providing solutions for clients undertaking routine travel domestically or internationally.

While working with the media, he has helped contribute to safer newsgathering. He has been honored by the Royal Television Society, the Overseas Press Club of America and won a Peabody Award his role in CNN’s ‘Terror on Tape’ series and a second Peabody for his role in ’72 Hours Under Fire’ where he helped get a CNN news team safely into the isolated suburb of Babr Amr, in the besieged city of Homs, Syria. Tim also served on the first Board of Directors for the Homeland Security Foundation of America, a non-profit organization for Public Safety, Energy Security and Health & Human Services, and was the chair for the Foundation’s Public Safety Committee.

Tim’s latest challenge was to row solo 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic in support of veteran’s mental health. Starting in December 2018 Tim was one of the 28 teams taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, thought to be the World’s toughest challenege. After 63 days 2 hours and 37 minutes Tim arrived in English Harbour, Antigua, you can find more information here at www.tamethekraken.org as he is still looking to build more support and bring on a few more supporters for his chosen charities.