​Dr. Pauline E. Wallner, Author, Consultant, Action—Learning Coach, Motivational Speaker

Dr. Pauline E. Wallner, D.M., MBA, B.Sc. Finance

Author, Consultant, Action—Learning Coach, Motivational Speaker

Dr. Pauline E. Wallner, managing director of NMWB Global Management Services, LLC, brings the audience alive with innovative, artistic, and vivid presentations of organizational and behavioral challenges, stimulating solutions-oriented environments. She has first-hand knowledge of global culture and competencies—having lived, worked, taught, traveled, or facilitated seminars worldwide: Caribbean, North and Central Americas, Asia, Israel, European Union, and United Kingdom.

As an action-learning coach, Dr. Wallner travels worldwide with mid-level and executive teams from diverse corporations. The overall objective is for teams to learn by doing, solving real world organizational problems and closing performance gaps.

She customized (1) customer service excellence programs for clients in pharmaceutical, telecommunications, avionics, and financial management industries; (2) diversity management programs and strategies for clients in automobile products and financial management industries; and (3) AMA’s 5-Day MBA programs for transportation, electronics, consumer, automobile, software information technology, pharmaceutical, financial management, government, and religious industries; and (4) leadership, customer service, strategic planning and performance measurement, and process improvement programs for United States government agencies: IRS, USAID, OIG, GSA, DOJ, DHS, DOC, HHS, DOI, DLA, HHS, and DOD (NAVY, AIRFORCE, ARMY. MARINE CORE, COAST GUARD).

Pauline’s philosophy of Learning + Sharing = Growth is demonstrated in the way she conducts need assessments for each client; and in how she co-develops success-driven strategic plans for each client engagement. She has coached and trained thousands of men and women from private and publicly traded firms, non-profits, and government entities. Dr. Wallner applies adult learning techniques to design, develop, and facilitate organizational performance interventions.

She is the author of “Rising Stronger: Living, Loving, and Leading From a Seat of Gratitude™ published February 2019. The book documents her life in Jamaica; and her immigrant journey in Canada and United States of America. She is currently working on her second and third publications in the Rising Stronger™ series.

Posted by Tony Shaffer
December 10, 2019


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